I am very grateful to a couple of people who have continually sent me information about my Fingado family.  Wendelin Irslinger, a web master who is so generous with his time in helping people.  He seems to have an endless amount of information that he is willing to share.  I get discouraged trying to find information and he comes along with some unique information.  In the past Wendelin even sent me a picture of a large Fingado tombstone in a cemetery in Lahr, Germany.  Apparently some family member is still keeping the plot up.

Dieter Joos, also has been most helpful over my many years of research.  I’m grateful for his suggestions and assistance.

Margot Dierenfeld from Germany researched a Marriage Book 1810 – 1846.  She was Instrumental in gathering together some very interesting facts about Klara Fingado, who was the Matron in the Home for Epileptic Children and Adults.  In 1903 a new facility was opened that was fully organized by Klara.  On 29 October 1904 the new construction site was dedicated and  Grand Duchess of Baden, Luise Von., nee Princess of Prussia attended.  Due to Margot’s query at the executive committee meeting it resulted in the gravestones being cleaned and set up properly again.  In addition Margot received the order to sort and archive old documents and photos.


My dear brother Robert who shared my keen interest in finding our grandfather, Augustus Adolph, sadly had a massive stroke in 2007 and has not be able to pursue researching.  We both very much want to find our grandfather’s birth city in Baden, Germany.

My thanks to Jerry Reidt who answered an Internet query I had posted for information about my LANG relatives, who immigrated from Switzerland (CH). His e-mail message started with..."this is your lucky day" and indeed it was. He sent me birth dates, names of people who attended my grandfather's christening, death dates, etc. Jerry Reidt's email message encouraged me to continue my pursuit in finding my roots. My gratitude also goes to Brenda Hare of Cedar Rapids, IA and Bertha Page of Marion, IA for all the help they both gave me. researching my Lang family.

I used a search engine and put in the name SCHAAF and came up with many pages of interest. I opened a page where the two names of SCHAAF and SCHARDT both were listed and these were my grandparents and great grandparent's names. There was a guest book where I left a message about my grandmother's birth date, etc. Several weeks later I received a note from a lady in Leimersheim Germany who told me Ernst Marthaler and Franz Pfadt would be able to give me all the information I was searching for. And they did! Sharon Hawkins visited Leimersheim, Germany and is also related to the SCHAAF family and she was very generous in sending me a CD showing me how beautiful Leimersheim is. My sincere thanks go to all of you who contributed to my Schaaf and Schardt database.

Stephen West, who lives in Germany, researched my maternal grandmother's family, STANGE. He even visited with a second cousin who was able to relate some interesting stories about my family. He did a thorough research in the area of Hessen Cassel and e-mailed me all his results. Thank you!

My last research effort is to find the birthplace of my grandfather, Augustus Adolph FINGADO. I have been searching for information about him for twenty-five years. I've looked at Passenger Lists of Castle Garden, New York arrivals starting in 1869 through 1875, name-by-name. I have census records starting in Denver, Colorado in 1885 and ending with his death in Anaheim, CA 25 January 1928. And thanks to my brother Bob who has also been searching for our grandfather's birth place in Germany. I appreciate the time, effort and support I have received from him.

Early records indicate that the name was spelled "Vincato". The Fingado family came from Spain, and went to Germany through France. They settled in larger harbor cities like Marseille, Le Havre and Mannheim.

A big thank you goes to the late Eberhard FINGADO (deceased), of "Fingado Films" in Mannheim, Germany who attended a 1993 Fingado family reunion and brought several large charts of Fingado names taking the family name back to the marriage of Christoph Johannes in 1627 in Strassburg. Also, our appreciation goes to Fritz (deceased) and Janice Fingado family who has contributed to our family lore with substantial evidence. One of their stories follows:

Ferdinand Fingado (1806-1871) was a respected businessman in Lahr who had planned to immigrate to the United States in 1848. A clergyman persuaded him to open an orphanage and this deterred him from emigrating.  This Rehabilitation Center in Lahr, Germany, celebrated its 140th anniversary in 1988 and our relatives, Janice and Fritz (deceased) Fingado were honored guests of the "FINGADO SCHULE" ceremony. Fritz   is a descendant of the founder, Ferdinand.

Special thanks to my husband Al, who has the patience of Job and put together this web page and helped me with inputting all the Fingado names from the German genealogy charts. He also taught genealogy classes and is very familiar with the PAF program. He obtained his genealogy records from a book entitled, "100 Years of Hubbard's" and a cousin who had researched all of his mother's side of the family. Some people have all the luck.


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